XTA 0.95 By Yxan

This is not the final version. Balance is very close, but not yet perfect.

Some bits to get you started:

All level 1 units are worth building:

  • Stumpies and Hammers are decent anti-MT choices.
  • Jeffies are very dangerous, but they do cost nearly 200 metal.
  • There is a level 1 gunship now.
  • Freedom Fighters and Avengers have been given their sorely needed boost.

All level 2 units are worth building:

  • Sumos have tons of armor, huge range, rapid fire rate and move at medium speed.
    Their 2.1k metal cost is well worth the unit you get in exchange.
  • Goliaths are horrifying weapons: 15k armor (half as much as an OTA Krogoth), missile-alike range, BB-class shell.
    But they don't quite come for free: 2.8k metal.
  • Mavericks build much faster.
  • Flakkers fire at ground targets, and their antiair potential has been improved.
  • Warlords and Leviathans were massively boosted in terms of armor and firepower.
  • Krogoths are totally krazy, man.

Nearly all defenses were revamped:

  • MTs are nearly unchanged, except they are smaller so that you can fit more of them into the same space.
  • LLTs have the range and power to be worth building.
  • HLTs are a bit costly, but they can reach further than missiles.
    An excellent early creep weapon.
  • Ambusher/Toaster are now buidable by level 1 Construction units and fulfill the same role as Guardian/Punisher in OTA.
  • Guardian/Punisher are level 2 structures with much longer range, firepower and armor.
  • Annihilators and Doomsday Machines have far higher range, more armor, and they don't blow up half your base when they die.
    With all the armor available in level 2 units, you will need them.
  • BB has lost some accuracy, Intim lost some range. Both lost firepower but gained armor and area of effect.
  • EMP/Neutron silos are short ranged, very fast building budget nukes.
  • Antinuke silos build their missiles faster to accomodate for EMP/Neutron change.

Resource structures have changed less than other parts of the mod but the gameplay impact is very big:

  • Metal Extractors self destruct instantly and without damaging anything around them.
    This makes upgrading to Moho Extractors less tedious.
  • ARM has a Mobile Fusion, CORE has a stationary Light Fusion.
    Both cost 2k metal and make about 400 energy: ideal to fuel your Moho economy.
  • Moho Extractors are quite cheap (750 metal) and make lots of metal, but they drain 300 energy.
    You want to have at least a Geo or Mobile/Light Fusion before you build a Moho.
  • Cloakable Fusions have taken the place of OTA's regular ones.
  • Regular Fusions now cost 10k metal. Their armor and energy production have been increased appropriately.
    This reduces the need for Fusion farms in very late game.


Installer (recommended): xta095.exe (3.3MB)
Bare REV31.GP3 file: xta095.zip (3.1MB)

XTA 0.8 By Yxan

Hey man, Its here, the thing we all been waiting for: XTA...
Just download the file (1.43Mb) and unzip it in your TA-directory...

This file replaces the rev31.gp3 file in your Total Annihilation folder. Back up the original (its 5.22 meg) before installing this one.

XTA 0.8 was made in the spring of 99 and i write this readme several months later, so I might have forgotten some things. There is a new and better version of XTA in developement with more bug fixes and modifications. Stay tuned to http://www.clan-sy.com/

This file contains bug fixes and game modifications that aim to provide a better and more diverse game play while keepig as much of the TA feeling as possible.

This mod includes most of the bug fixes of Switecks TA bugfix 1.0 as well as bug fixes of my own and also includes Switecks non cheating AI in a somewhat modified state. I suggest you get a cheating AI if you play skirmish a lot.

These bug fixes are things as:

  • Pelicans are hittable by missiles
  • Core adv con kbot can build and guard properly
  • Gimp and warrior will use both weapons when fighting.
  • Other smaller things.

There are also game data modifications: most notable are such things as:

  • Doomsday machine shoots blue laser a bit longer + have faster turret turn rate on the blue laser turret.
  • Big Bertha and Intimidiator has 33% less range and 66% less firepower.
    They still have plenty of power left, but this decreases the power of BB racing, a common occurrence on smaller maps.
  • Increased movement speed on units such as The Can, Gimp, Sumo, Penetrator and Panther.
  • The Penetrator is well worth 2600 metal and 35K BT, it has 3000+ hp and faster turret turn rate.
  • Mine layers have several types of mines that are worth building and move faster.
  • Energy and Metal Storage stores a lot more.
  • Missile frigates have got firepower and hitpoints suitable for their cost.
    They were very underpowered before.
  • Subs move faster
  • The turret turn rates on heavy tanks are higher.
  • Mobile artillery and lugers are not inaccurate.
  • Decoy commanders build as fast as real commanders.
  • The build range on all con units has been increased.
    This makes guarding other con units or factories easier.
  • Neutron and Stunner missiles have higher speed and does less damage over a larger area.
  • Moho mines are cheaper but have longer build time.
  • There are more tweaks but these are the most important.

If you wish to play a multiplayer game using this file, then all players need it. If you are the host, you can find out if the other player has XTA 0.8 installed by selecting a special indicator map. This map is called Small_Fields Extended TA 0,8. If you get the message "Blahblah does not have this map" then that player does not have XTA 0,8 installed. Small Fields was made by Jerry Orman and is quite playable considering that it is 3x3 (Dark Side, the smallest TA map is 4x5).