TA Demo 0.99b2
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  1. 3D Replayer
  2. Controls
  3. Hints and Tips
  4. Known bugs
  5. Legalese
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3D Replayer

The 3D Replayer is a new application that can be used to view replays in full 3D!

Be sure to read through this manual before asking any questions or reporting any bugs.

Use it like this:

  1. Type .3dta in the battleroom when you are about to start watching a recorded game. (This also works if you are a watcher in a regular game)
  2. When you want to switch to a 3D view, alt-tab out of TA and start the 3D Replayer. You do this by selecting 3D Replayer from the Start Menu -> TA Demo.
  3. You can quit the 3D Replayer at any time and alt-tab back to regular TA if you want to.

Be sure to read through the Hint and Tips section to get the most of your 3D Demo experience!


The list of keys and mouse stuff to control the 3D Replayer are as follows:

View control:

  • Right mouse button toggles mouse look.
  • Moving the mouse while keeping the right mouse button pressed moves the camera view around.
  • Clicking with the left mouse button rotates the camera to the pressed area.
  • The mouse wheel moves the camera forward and backward.
  • The arrow keys moves the camera.
  • Keeping shift or ctrl pressed while moving alters the moving speed.

Minimap control:

  • Left click in the lower right of the minimap to resize it.
  • Left click anywhere else to move it.
  • Right click to move the camera to the clicked position.

Misc controls:

  • ESC - Exits the 3D Replayer.
  • Enter - Sends a text line to TA.
  • M - Toggles the minimap.
  • H - Toggles healthbar above units.
  • K - Toggles kill count for units.
  • N - Toggles names above commanders.
  • R - Toggles drawing of resources in the upper right of the screen.
  • Pause - Pauses TA.
  • Num +/- - Changes TA speed.


Hints and Tips

The 3D replayer only loads unit textures when it is first started. Therefore, to see any new textures that has been detected during a replay you MUST RESTART the 3D replayer.

If you get odd texture errors on explosions or similar you should first try to delete the files tatex.bmp and tatex.bin from the TA Demo directory.

On old operating systems (Windows 9x) performance may be bad. This is due to kernel limitations and not something we can do anything about.

Known bugs and missing features

This is a list of stuff that we are aware of and which may or may not be fixed in a future release. There is therefore no need to report any of this to us..

  • Textures on units can not be larger than 64x64 pixels


The Swedish Yankspankers are in no way affiliated with Cavedog Entertainment, Humongous Entertainment, GT Interactive, Infogrames or any other company that has rights to the Total Annihilation products and brand name.

TA Demo may be freely distributed as long as it is provided as is, with the documentation included unchanged (readme.html, recorder.html, replayer.html, history.html). All rights reserved.