3DO Plugins for 3D Studio Max By YeHa


You can import fully textured TA models into 3D Studio for build picture rendering, and export untextured models from 3D Studio to 3DO files just like they appear in 3D Studio (without any tri faces if there aren't any in 3D Studio).

How to use

There is not much to the importer, just click File/Import and pick a 3DO model to import. Be aware that it won't work without the TA textures in your 3D Studio bitmap path. Custom bitmaps paths can be added in 3D Studio's options.

The exporter needs an object named "base" in the scene and will export all objects that are linked it. Use the link button or open schematic view to easily link objects. Since no textures are exported from 3D Studio the models still need to be textured in 3DO Builder or any other suitable tool. Texture exporting may be added in a later version.


Just copy the plugins in 3D Studio's plugin directory and go krazy.


Plugin for Max R3
Plugin for Max R4
TA Textures

Some eyecandy

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