LosCalc By YeHa

A small commandline utility that calculates a LOS.TDF file with entries up to the distance you specify. Useful for mod-makers.

Spring By SJ

This small demo is just meant to show how TA could look in 3d, without any real interaction capabilites.

Note that the textures are generated the first time you run it and all units will appear as red blobs. Just restart once to get the textures... and read the included readme!

Visualisatorn By SJ

All maps made cool. This little thingy can visualize TA maps as never seen before! Yeah, yeah :-) Ah it as a standalone app or integrate it with your own creations. Make sure you read the readme file after downloading.

TNTPack By YeHa

Large maps made small. Most useful.

IP Info By Gnil

If you're lazy like me, this is something to put on your taskbar. Very simple but nice to have when you need the IP of your own machine fast. Oh, and BTW, if you get an error msg about MSWINSCK.OCX missing, put MSWINSCK.OCX in your Windows\System32 directory...

Regfixes By Fnordia and Yxan

If you have problems with msn zone or have a P-166.

TAHook v0.85 By YeHa

Sonar farming and DT clicking made easy.

This program is now obsolete. Please download TA Demo 0.98b, it has the functionality built right into it.

5000 unit patch. By Yxan

Ever wanted to have more then 500 units? Download this exe patch!.

Silencers... By Yxan

silentemgshot.ufo = no sound of flash/peewee/warrior emg firing
noemghit.ufo = no sound of EMG bullets hitting
nobrawlershot.ufo = no sound of flash/peewee/warrior emg firing

The second edition . Use these if the first files do not work.
silentemgshot2.ufo noemghit2.ufo nobrawlershot2.ufo

Place these files in your TA dir for effect

500 unit .ini fix

Changes the max units limit from 250 to 500. You just have to have it, or people will riducule you online.

Inofficial DX5 for NT

Download it and read install notes, if u want to play TA under NT.
Note: You can also install SP6 for NT.

Scary Popup By Gnil

Ok, you think you're tough huh?
Click here if you dare! Warning! Scary stuff!